DeRose Children's Dental in Racine


Your Child's Visit

Getting to know Dr. DeRose will be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your child. We will review your child’s history and make sure you are comfortable with our procedures and staff.

Bringing your children to our office on a routine basis is an important step in learning that dentists are professionals who can be trusted and that check-ups are a part of staying healthy.

Being low-key about their dental visit, especially if it is your child's first visit, is very important. Your young child can look forward to coming to our office because it is filled with toys, books and cuddly stuffed animals (not to mention the special prize they can take home with them!).

You are the best person to decide how much to tell your boy or girl, but keep in mind that your child has no reason to be afraid unless it is suggested. Stay positive and keep to yourself any anxiety you might have about dental visits.

Many children like to play about something new before they have to do it, so you might want to help your child play "dentist" with a favorite doll or stuffed animal. You might also visit your local library, which has a wide selection of books with a dental theme, and read them together.

It's best not to bribe your child to come see us or use the visit as a punishment or threat.  Instead, try to make your child's visit an enjoyable outing.  Downtown Racine has many fun things to do. first dental exam